ISO 15189 Certified

AFIP is the first laboratory in Pakistan to be accredited. Quality Policy of AFIP states: “The management of AFIP is focused on patient care, committed to provide quality results backed up by stringent proficiency testing and inter-laboratory programs with confidentiality and punctuality. Good laboratory practice is the theme for client satisfaction by dedicated and competent multi disciplinary professional staff. AFIP strives for acquiring latest, by research and continual professional development to achieve expertise in health care diagnostics and to impart training to staff, commensurate with tomorrow’s challenges. Quality policy is communicated to all stakeholders of AFIP for adherence to guiding principle.”

Salient features of ISO 15189 certification are:

  • Participation in proficiency testing programs.
  • Quality assurance by internal quality control system.
  • Participation in external quality programs such as Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE), Proficiency testing (PT) , Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS)
  • Effective communication with the patients through feedback proformas.
  • Continual improvement is the corner stone brought about by regular audits, developing quality objectives, advisory council meetings, management review meetings, ensuring safe environment, and congenial working atmosphere for laboratory workers.
  • Continuous monitoring of key performance indicators like number of reviewed/record reports.
  • Ultimate aim is to improve patient care and better quality of results through establishment of quality policy and evolving quality goals.